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I remember that in previous versions these commands in the image had underlined letters.

I am the kind of user that likes things done as fast as possible. So, for instance, if I wanted to use the Close tabs to the left  tab menu command, I clicked on a tab to open the context menu and hit the correspondent key (underlined letter). No need to move the mouse again to click on the menu command.

I could do this before in Maxthon, but from some versions on the underlined letters are gone. Where can I enable them?

N.B.: I have the correspondent setting enabled in Windows 10 (Ease of Access), and Google Chrome's menu shows the underlined letters. Other applications show them too, like CorelDRAW and SoftMaker Office 2018, so I guess it's something with Maxthon only.



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karajan, it's a great solution for the tab case, so much so that I've just set keyboard shortcuts to close all left and right tabs. Thank you!

But you see, some things are still around. For instance, whenever I want to save an image from a site, I click on it to open the context menu and hit S to open the Save image as... dialog.

I hit S because it was the underlined letter long ago and I have it in my memory–and it still works!

I have no idea what are the underlined letters for the other options in the menu, so I have to use the mouse to launch them.


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On 11/23/2018 at 1:50 PM, karajan said:

it seems to be CTRL+S and not S, underlined letters are planned when building the code

you can enter a shortcut for the choosen items in shortcut management

Ctrl+S is a command one can use to save a page. It opens the Save as dialog for the page, and Maxthon gives the following options:

Webpage, HTML Only
Webpage, Complete
Web Archive, Single File

The command shortcut in question is specific for images on a page, via context menu.




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