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So I have been using this Browser for I think 2 or 3 years and love it, I can never leave it for any other. Yesterday for some reason it was becoming less and less responsive and started to freeze and new page wouldn't load. This lead to the computer freezing somehow...

Now that eventually grew into bigger problems but after several hours all seems well. I reinstalled the browser and it turned out for months (If not nearly a year) I was getting no updates. Download Maxthon 5 and Everything is working again and love this once more.

The computer said there were Disk Errors it was fixing. But how did they just suddenly come about? Bad coincidence I garuntee but I want to be sure by asking you who know far more about the browser and it's history than I do.

The last one I had was from nearly a year ago with no updates (It stopped giving me notifications about them). I am also using Windows 10 which from doing my own research people have said had similar problems to mine.

Like I said everything is working now but I want to stop this from ever happening again if possible. So any help would be great.

Thanks. VidMate AnyDesk mobdro.onl/

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To give you answer: Which version were you running previously 4 or 5? if you were running 4 and you decline update at the time it's not a odd thing that you never have been asked for a long time.

talking about computer freezing, you say computer was fixing errors, i guess you were prompted after a restart; and that is probably because there were errors on the disk. Could be a bad sign; but i don't know if it's a hard disk or SSD, how old is the HD, and what you've done to lead to disk errors. It's not as simple as people think

About Maxthon i use portable versions only and for fun; I can't tell about the whole story, now if you take a look at the threads they are miscellaneous troubles, issues every now and then.  I call it The Happy Beijin Valley sweeties

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