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1 hour ago, abkoshi said:

I am using v5.2.6.300. I couldnt find any option to change my default download location. 

Change it right in the path line in Download File dialog window. Whatever you change it to, should be the default until you change it again.

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Thank you all. Finally it worked.  I removed the history from  "\[Maxthon5_instalation]\UserData\Public\Downloader\dlConfig.ini"  and it worked. This happened with my home computer. never happened before. I have another problem with my office computer relating to  CryptSvc service. I have opened another thread regarding that sometimes back.

Now I suspect how I might have got it. In this comp the synch was not working. finally i brought the portable version  from office and was using it. The download paths shown in the history are not existing in this computer.

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