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I filled out a form online for renewal of something. They did not have a way to save it to my hard drive (that I could see); so I used greenshot, copied what I wanted and saved it as a jpg file.  However, the name at the end did not have ".jpg".  Instead it had Mx5  I did not realize when I was saving the name I could of erased the "Mx5".  Then when I went to view it it used Mx5 to view it.  At the top were 2 selections "Always use this program to view this file" (and it was highlighted).  The other said "don't ask again".  Foolish me. Instead on NOT pressing either one, pushed the one that said "don't ask again".  And now I'm stuck.  The only program that I can use to read the file is Mx. However, when this file goes to the next officer who may want to read it, and does not have Mx how will they be able to read it? How can I undo this silly little mistake, so I can view the jpg file with any jpg program reader?  Maybe we need a 3rd selection that says "let me choose which program I want to use".

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