Spotify Broken... again


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As per the title.

Was working fine, but i decided to close the browser... after that i now get a dark grey screen a after a quick flash of the page. After logging out/in the main page displays properly and you can play whatever is already in the playlist, BUT if you go to any album/playlist etc you just get the dark background displayed. You can't get to anything after that. F5/CTRL+F5 doesn't do anything, only logging out/in shows the main page, but goes back to black after that.

Tested with MX5.2.5.1000 portable - my everyday browser and a fresh test portable.

Works fine in Opera 53 (Chrome 66 in UA string)

Logged in/out of spotify multiple times - still happens

Tested with ABP on/off - still happens

Changed UA to latest Chrome version - still happens

Retro mode - still happens

As usual it seems Spotify has made some changes/updates and older versions of blink seem to be a problem...

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