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Where can I enable the underlined letters for commands on the Maxthon (main and tabs) menus?

I have the correspondent setting enabled in Windows 10 (Ease of Access section), and you can see that Google Chrome's main menu shows the underlined letters.

Other applications show them too, like CorelDRAW and SoftMaker Office 2018, so I guess it's something with Maxthon only.


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3 hours ago, karajan said:

If you take a look at other browsers there are none including underlined letters

I think you didn't look yourself?

Chrome does, as shown above, when using ALT to access the menu.
Firefox shows the old-school menu bar with underlined letters when ALT is pressed.
Opera does when ALT is used.
Edge doesn't, but there is a clear cursor/box around the currently selected item showing it can be selected using the arrow keys.

Maxthon allows access to the main menu using ALT+F. Then you need to press Down 7(!) times before the cursor gets to the first menu item, maxnote. Or once to get to Help. I can't find a way to access passport login using the keys. Doesn't seem very well thought out.

So while there is support for using the keyboard for menu options, it's not great.

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