Various problems with Maxthon the last couple of days

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Hy guys,

I've been having various problems with MX5.2.3.3000 these last couple of days.Some sites not working (i.e. hotmail/ a clean install of MX5 today and ran into some more troubles.It takes looooooong time to sync the account,maxthon settings (lots of them not working at all) and favorites,during witch time Maxthon hangs.Also Passkeeper shows pop-up with  " A network error occurred ".So anyone have any ideas?Sound to me like some problem with cloud connection.

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Just tried the portable version v,works better than the installed one,but still slower than usual.So this seems to be something to do with the installed verison.But as I said,I completely uninstalled it with Clear user data and settings options checked.So still not having any clue what's going on.

Seems that I found the main problem,and it turned out to be a bad secondary hard drive in my PC.Unplugged it and everything works.
The only problem left is that MX5 opens hotmail/outlook site only when it desides to.Installed the latest beta and it's the same situation.Worked fine yesterday morning and since then started behaving eraticaly.It works most of the time in Retro mode,and almost never in Ultra Mode.

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Hi again guys,

Today I updated to latest official version and a new problem appeared.When I launch Maxthon it takes loooooong time to load (few minutes) during witch time the things one the attached images happen.If I leave it for a while it will eventualy start,but will work a lot slower than before.But if I install an earlier version it does the same.Tried clean install and nothing changes.Also if I open Settings it takes another 1-2mins. to open,and most of them don't work.

Edit: Just tried the portable version and works like it should.I guess something goes wrong during install.

Also the problem with hotmail still remains,works only in retro mode,but then the auto fill doesn't work.

Screen 1.jpg

Screen 2.jpg

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