MX5 PC Beta 5.2..... problem with domain login

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Yesterday I got a notification from Maxthon that a new version is available ( so I updated the browser and restarted it. Since then I am having problems visiting the websites which require my digital certificate to log in, such as my on-line bank. When I visit the website, it tells me that no certificate was found on my computer and I can't log in.

So what happened in the upgrade? Why doesn't Maxthon see my certificate anymore? Or maybe it does "see" it but it doesn't present it to the website correctly? On my bank website I can see the green padlock icon on the left side of the URL/address bar and if I click on that padlock I see the "View Certificate" link and if I click on it I can see the certificate details and everything looks good and valid. But the website itself still says "no valid certificate detected". What's going on ?

I tried it with Google Chrome and with Internet Explorer and both of those browsers detected the certificate on my PC and allowed me to select it so I could log-in to my bank. Only Maxthon is having problems. I have already restarted it but it didn't help.

Any tips on what I can do ?

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Maybe this is due to the invalid certificate ""? Link to the topic:

They never updated the date of the certificate. My antivirus program (Kaspersky) still produces messages about the invalid certificate "" (MX v5.2.1.1000).

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I think the problem is that Maxthon somehow does not see the certificate I have on my PC (Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit). And this started happening immediately after I updated Maxthon to

When I try to visit one website which requires a certificate identification, I get the error "Invalid Certificate".

Another website is apparently more "intelligent" and it tells me what no certificate was found on PC. So it looks like Maxthon does not detect certificates on my PC. That "Windows Security" - "Select a Certificate" popup window does not appear, and so I can't select the certificate and the website does not load. I don't know why this happened and how to fix it. I now have to use other browsers to access my on-line banking and other sites. It sucks.



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I confirm. The same problem of choosing a certificate is present on the website. On the authorization page, the certificate selection window does not appear and a certificate selection error message appears. This error occurs in Ultra-mode, in Retro-mode everything is ok. OS Windows 7 Ent. x64, MX

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Not work authentication on microsoft Service Desk platform site with ultra mode. (in IE mode it work, and previous versioun of MX, it work on both mods).
Auth window appear, i write login/password, press Ok,and see error page: 401 UNAUTHORIZED  - it appear before mx update, if i press "cancel" button.
Then, "ok" works as "cancel".

Please fix it)

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2 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

This fixed in internal version, and will be post on Early Access or News area after a few days.

hopefuly !

question is : why did you publish buggy hardly usuable versions without any test ?:(


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