For who want hardware accelerated render with MX 5.2 on Windows XP

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and enable HW: Compositing, Canvas, WebGL, Stage3D, play HTML5/Flash videos without screen tearing. It's possible if launch Maxthon in OpenGL mode.

On AMD Radeon HD 2000-7000 and R series with Catalyst 14.4 command line for batch file should look like this:

Start Maxthon.exe --ignore-gpu-blacklist --gpu-no-complete-info-collection --use-gl=desktop --use_client_side_arrays_for_stream_buffers --use_virtualized_gl_contexts --disable-gl-extensions=GL_ARB_sync --disable-gpu-rasterization --disable-flash-3d --disable_es3_gl_context --disable-es3-apis --in-process-gpu

On Radeon R series with Catalyst 14.4 pack3 add --disable-webgl, because driver is buggy.

I don't have Windows XP system with NVidia GPU, but their driver newer and better that AMD's, maybe for them enough only: --ignore-gpu-blacklist --use-gl=desktop, I don’t know.

HW status available on internal page mx://gpu/  With PPAPI Flash 22 or older, you don't needed in --disable-flash-3d key.

There're some bug with HW Compositing: if opened page has no any video or animation (just a little smiley for example), page not re-rendered if use another program/window above the Maxthon's window.

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