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Page load stalls

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MX Beta.  Windows 10 x64.

After updating to this release I'm suddenly getting some very odd page load stalls and crashes: no specific websites or pages, can be anything at any point. MX just suddenly hangs and won't respond. Think it's when loading a page, which could be an F-key shortcut opening a brand new tab, a form submission, a click from the speed dial new tab page thing, or a regular link. Sometimes it responds again after a wait, but usually I have to force close (if it doesn't crash) and restart the browser. I'll update/reply again if I can determine any kind of pattern, but it does seem completely at random from what I've noticed so far.


I also keep getting a full crash on a page that has a toggle link to expand/contract panels and hide/show summary text in their place. It runs on the following old-school href



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