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Hi Mx Devs,

You have probably added exceptions for some websites (youtube, twitter, facebook, maxthon etc.). My some extensions and user-scripts do not work anymore on them. You've blocked the script's injection or execution on some web pages. Is this your new policy or is it a unnoticed update?

I will continue to stay in Maxthon v5.1.6.1000 version as long as these restrictions continue. If these restrictions are permanent, I will stop using Maxthon. Thanks.

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1 hour ago, Jubilar said:

extensions: vkopt, F.B. Purity and scripts: betterttv and EasyVideoDownload dont work if i open sites (vk.com, facebook.com, twitch.tv, youtube.com) from QA. but if i open this sites from address bar, favorites or history all works. mystic

Can confirm that opening from QA scripts don't work, but do from address bar.

Tested using Violentmonkey on Youtube.

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11 hours ago, 7twenty said:

More details would be handy? Which extensions, which scripts?

@Jubilar is right. If I try to open a link from QA, extensions don't work but otherwise they work.

The reason of this problem is probably preventing the script's execution on pc-newtab.maxthon.com. 

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