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These are the problems of the crooked and wretched Crowdin translation. Take a look at russian forum - or download my translation directly -

P.S. I was Max's official translator for a long time, since the 3rd version and my translation is used in the current version. Unfortunately it was (translation) significantly spoiled by Crowdin. That's why, I post my translation only on our forum. (ru-board).

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7 hours ago, zork said:

These are the problems of the crooked and wretched Crowdin translation.

...significantly spoiled by Crowdin.

Why do you say this? I'm guessing other users were changing translations which weren't right?

If that's the case, i would have to agree somewhat. The idea of crowdsourcing is great, but only if you can trust those doing the job.

Personally I'd like to see only one (maybe two) trusted user/s as a proofreaders allowed to approve translations. And the Maxthon crowdin manager should only be able to approve translation from languages that don't have an allocated proofreader.

The reason I say that is because i've seen them approve translations in en-GB at times which should never have happened. But because english may not be their first language, any issue may not have been picked up and taken the suggestion as it was, and approved it anyway.

At one stage I think there may have been 2 or 3 more proofreaders for en-GB who were approving things that they shouldn't have as well. Even more odd was that I think english wasn't even their first language. I had that status removed from those users. And it's something that the MX crowdin manager should be on top of. Especially in the case of people complaining about poor translations.

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