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[] Youtube longer loading time


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When I open youtube on  latest version it takes more time to load fully then in previous version ( If on previous version it fully loads in 2 seconds in newer it takes from 5 to 7 seconds to load fhole page. And, no, its not my internet problem. I checked this.

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Based on what i've seen, there's nothing different between versions. Main page loads in about 2-3 seconds, video starts playing almost instantly when opened. This is on a 40mb connection, so nothing overly fast.

Only suggestions would be clean cache, turn off any extensions, turn off ABP, in case they're interfering.

4 hours ago, BurkeTheKilla said:

I have that issue and one where the broswer struggles to play 60 fps videos.

Other browsers as well? or just MX?

Are you using the default html5 player?

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