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On 1/24/2018 at 1:25 AM, Chim said:

A while ago, out of the blue I got this ad right below the bookmarks bar as you can see by the image I have attached.

Normally the only thing I'll see at that spot on some rare occasions is a message from Maxthon that my browser is old and that thus my loading is slow so I should upgrade.  But, I normally just close that and don't see it again for a long time after that.  But, I had never seen a flat out AD in that spot.

IS that ad generated by Maxthon or is that some adware?

Maxthon AD.jpg


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Unfortunately that's not a design (Skin) that comes with Maxthon.  For that LOOK, I used a custom image from my stash of background images.  Just for demonstration purposes, I have attached a downsized version of the image that I used.  (CGI Sea)  And I also attached a downsized version of the custom image that I used for the Quick Access Page background.  (Blue Speed Dial)  Together, the 2 background images create a certain LOOK.

I did not attach the actual full-sized images for you to use because the file sizes would be what is probably considered too big to be attaching in these forum threads.  The file sizes for the full-size version of those images are a little over 500 Kbytes each.  Also, while I do still have the original versions of those 2 images ... the images I use on my Maxthon are cropped to MY monitor's 1280 x 1024px size.  You probably have a different-sized monitor, don't you?

Unless someone knows where I can upload the full-size images for you to use.

CGI Sea.jpg

Blue Speed Dial.jpg

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Okay, I did some resampling, recropping and came up with 1440px Wide versions of both of the images from above.  I saved them at a slightly lower JPEG Quality Level so that they wouldn't be too heavy of a file size.


@ the OP  If you need more detailed steps on how to actually install the images in your browser, let us know whether you're using Maxthon 4 or MX5 and we'll help you out with the steps.  I wasn't sure whether you just needed access to the images or need more detailed help with the actual steps.

CGI Sea 1440.jpg

Blue Abstract Blue 1440.jpg

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