New to Maxthon, help with some extensions

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Hi. Fairly new to the Maxthon world. I'm attempting to get the lay of the land regarding extensions on Maxthon. Are there any at all that work? I've been to extension site and it seems that most of them will not work on Maxthon 5. In particular I'm looking for 3:




If they exist, could you point me in their direction please? Thanks!


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many extensions are unofficial ones created by users, so they may not have all of the features of the official ones for Chrome/Firefox etc. Just one of the downsides of using a browser that isn't one of the big 4. Hopefully other features of the browser can make up for what's lost.

With regards to the extensions you're after, there are some listed on the site, but i can't say whether they're any good or work at all.

Diigo : Seems to be based on the bookmarklet I think. Might be missing some features of the full extension

LastPass : This is an official extension to my knowledge. Some users have had issues with it for some reason, but others not... see how you go.

Evernote : there's 3 extensions available, not sure what the situation is with them.

All seem to install ok, so not sure why they won't work for you.

If they're a requirement for you, then maybe Maxthon might not be the browser for you.

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I appreciate your response @7twenty. Very helpful.

Extensions or no, Maxthon is brilliant and would only give it up under the worst duress.

So... it's definitely about making it the best I can for me in terms of the add ons.

This is the version I'm using Version 5.0.36 (180111)

I go to the site and hit the "install" button for Diigo and get this below.

I thought it might be because I wasn't logged in and so attempted to log in and can't seem to. I did forgot password, though I hadn't forgotten it

and used the same credentials to login to the forum as I am now. I attempted to register again and got the message that that person already existed. My difficulty has grown. LOL! Any help here?


PS when I hit "OK" on the dialogue below I am just redirected back to the page itself. Only other option is "Get Maxthon Now" and I've done that as well.

Maxthon Extension Site Screenshot.png

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28 minutes ago, Steven Memel said:

This is the version I'm using Version 5.0.36 (180111)

Mac version I think?? If that's the case i have no idea. Not familiar with it.

I think MX5 for Mac may be a wrapper for Safari, and it may work with Safari extensions. You might want to see if they work?

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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