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Saving one URL in Two places in favorites


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I mentioned this in another topic, but let me create a new for this 

I think it will be easy to correct this.

I use Maxthon 10++ years , I think it's best , but I dont like, that a couple of years already, I'm not able to save one URL in two different places in Favorites.

Could you change that? 

I want to be able to save one URL in two (three, four...) different places in favorites. Like if I want to save www.auto.com/howtochangefilter.html to my "Auto" folder in bookmarks, and also I want to save the same URL in another folder (lets say "Do next week" folder :D ). I was to able to do this in older version of Maxthon, but since Maxnote (couple of years already) I cant save one URL in more then one Favorites Folder. It says I need to remove (edit) first from one place to save it to another.

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