Stylish is working much slower than before in the latest versions of MX5

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Takes at least a few seconds to apply styles after page refresh now, sometimes fails to apply them completely, forcing me to reload the page multiple times until it works

Hasn't been that way until a couple official versions ago

Currently running on Win10

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it was updated a while ago which broke everything - last time i looked updates to the main update had not helped - go to the stylish download on the extension site and read the comments - many in chinese but some in english

basically you need to download the original version of stylish - theres a link and rename it to the new release number then write protect the addon - that last part is key as it stops it updating

unfortunately as the author tries to fix the problem it gets a new extension name/number which can break it again - if that happens just repeat the above

Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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