Cannot log into Maxthon account in browser login

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When trying to log into maxthon passport we are getting No network connection 

meaning we can now no longer access our passwords, websites ect except in guest mode. (which has no favorites saves)

Have pinged the login servers and got a ping from them both .com and .cn are pinging correctly. 

Maxthon support please help as we use maxthon as our browser for our business. and we cannot log into our various sites.




login failed.png


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I just updated my copy of Maxthon 5 and am also having this problem.

As a workaround, right-click the Maxthon 5 icon in the taskbar and hit "New Window" from the context menu. It will close the login window and open the browser, from there you can continue as normal. Note: The next time you start Maxthon 5 it will do it again.


What's weird is that if I open the menu in the top right, I'm still logged into the browser as normal, but this window pops up every time I open the browser.


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