Questioning whether to abandon Maxthon


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I have been a Maxthon user for many years dating back to early to mid 2000. Lately the performance of Maxthon pales when compared to Opera and couple other browsers. I don't know what Maxthon programmers have done but the performance has become almost unbearable. I have been switching back and forth comparing load times, videos, sites with heavy ads and very few ads for the last 2 weeks. Maxthon is not keeping up when compared to other browsers.

I am sure I will hear the usual, try portable or do this or do that. Uninstall and re-install and so on. I should not have to do any of these things in order to have a fast and stable browser.

Maxthon used to be a good, fast and stable browser but it has been falling behind since about the mid 4.9 versions. It seems with every update it gets slower and slower or less stable.

I hope programmers can do something soon as I do not have these performance issues with other browsers.

Thanks and I hope there is some acknowledgment and resolution to ongoing issues.

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You say almost all what I feel myself. Recently I swithed to firefox, it's realy fast and stable! Now I'm pereodically run maxthon to see if it is become better...but still not. 

One thing, that I'm realy missing is multisearch, I can't find something, that can work like in maxthon( If somebody knows, please tell me!

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