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Maxthon Multi Search doesn't work from QA page


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Hello Maxthon Team,

I've just updated to v5.1.4.2100 and noticed that searching from QA page opens up completely different Multi Search URL than searching from address bar (which is the same as in previous versions).

From QA page:


From address bar: 


I know that having Search bar on QA page is probably a temporary decision, and I can definitely get used to searching via address bar from QA page. But this is just inconvenient right now.

Hopefully you figure out the differences in search bars or give the ability to disable the one on QA page.

Thanks in advance!

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I have been experiencing this same thing for the last few internal releases as well: search from address bar and it uses my customized Maxthon Multi Search; search from QA page search bar and though it indicates Maxthon Multi Search in the bar, it only gives results from a Google search. Not a problem for me as I mainly use the address bar for all searches anyway, but annoying to those who want to use the QA search bar. I wouldn't miss the QA search bar if it was eliminated or given an option to hide it.

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