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hello people in maxthon

first off, i want to give you thanks for your product


i got some troubles from a some of the new betas (not necessarily the last one)

- is annoying everytime i load any webpage, it loads and then reload itself, (losing changes when facebook is the matter)

- i really do miss "the star" in the upper corner for favorites (see the picture), was soooo useful, specially cause i access them in a click, and was easy for save them too, the new menu in the star has a font really small, the scrollbar there and in general is too much thin (is dificult and annoy to grab it) and i can not add new links in the new "star menu"

- i felt "more mine" when i could see my avatar  in the window.. but this is perhaps just a whim

- when im gonna add a link in my favorites, it doesnt allow change the name or nothing before to save it :( 

-  the scrollbar..again, too thin

i see this a major change in the interface, looks more modern and sophisticated, good! work but dont take away the good features





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When you upgrade to the newest beta, version, you will be happy to see a big difference and many of your issues fixed. 

- With "the star" on the top left of favorites bar, it hasn't returned. BUT if you look at the far right, there is a >> button which does the same thing. Plus, there's a star on the left right above the favorites bar and the text size is normal.

- To add a favorite, hover over the folder you want to put it in and at the very top of the slide out, you will see "Add to this folder'. Click that and you'll get a popup which let's you name it.

- I'm not sure if they changed the size of the scroll bar, but to me it looks like normal size.

Hope this reply was helpful.

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i have a secondary count for my work and i looked for the >>  and you can see (in the image) it is not there. :( 

the scrollbar, always in the new favorites list from the star , and intermittently in other pages...well not works for me

i tried hovering as you say, but nothing happen (i dont have an image for that)

but  well, thanks for the your answer anyway



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