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Somehow these two last Beta releases made me see again lots of instability and crashes.

I dont know where the  NEW TAB Opening in the far right is fixed? It still remains the problem. Once you open

a New TAB, You cannot Open any more new tabs, Speed is so much compromised, the Beta versions are so Slow 

and crashing when multiple tabs open...

Please Upgrade and Update for the newer upcoming  Official Version with NEW TAB/s Opening Improved features

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8 hours ago, PHYR said:

There is only one New Tab and it exists on the far right on the tab bar. It is not possible to open more, never has been with M5.

I'm not sure whether the OP is asking for multiple "New TABS" or want something like Mx4 where you could have multiple QAs open.  This is possible in Mx 4.4.8 and earlier (not sure about 4.9.x) and in Firefox and Chrome and IE and many other browsers.

I would support such a feature as "nice to have" feature but it may not be possible with the current QA.  However I don't see any practical reason for it.




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