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Since I've started using version I haven't been able to synchronize the PC to my Android (using version

I've input some notes in the Android and they don't show up in the PC version. I tried to do some in the PC version, but they won't show up in my Android.

I've also selected the sync button to "force" a synchronizing.

Could it be a server problem or something else?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Hello Blinderson

Here I made a test here(added some notes on PC, then checked android I am able to find the "added notes" on android. But the when I check search option, I can‘t search for the notes immediately in search option. And this related with web, it could be search after 5-10 minutes. A bit slow. About this issue, we will have a further test and try to improve about this option.

I think there's no issue on sync according to the test.  Please check the folder again which you added in:) 

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