MX5 hijacks system sound?


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I have got a strange issue with MX5 ( and my system sound (Win7 Ultimate SP1 x64).

When I play any stream(s) on, I can hear the streamer(s) audio(s), but everything else on my system becomes mute, including any game or audio application I would launch. All application I try to use afterward simply stop producing any sound.

I have tried playing around with my audio settings, in particular: Playback devices > Speakers > Advanced > Exclusive Mode,  which I unchecked.
I have tried about 5 other browsers and none of them exhibit this issue.
I don't know if this is somehow specific to my computer or settings, and if it is, won't that affect other browsers? Or is there some option in MX5 I missed?

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I do not use Facebook, but I do not remember facing this issue while using YT.
I am almost sure everything was looking normal in sound mixer as I was fiddling about in there looking for a solution and did not see anything weird.

I have not encountered it again, so I cannot check to be 100% sure, but it did happen with another browser (I am not 100% sure but it may have been Comodo Dragon which is based on Chrome).

I did not encounter it with Brave or Firefox though.
Firefox did give me another issue with my SSD/HDD spiking and nearly locking my system after I left multiple streams running for hours. Not sure what that was.

I did switch to Brave for the twitch event just to run multiple streams overnight and everything ran fine and I never had system sound issues.

Anyway, if this happens again with MX I will double check everything you guys mentioned.

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