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Does anyone have a clue how the snapshot thing works? All I see that it does is that a little box will travel around the screen. How to enlarge it? How it works? Where it would save the snaps? If I click on the icon, the Settings section is grayed out, unusable. Boy, if you want to see an absolutely perfect snapshooter, take a look at the one included on Opera's browser. Fastest and easiest thing imaginable.

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The "little box" is a zoom box to help you select an area if you need to be pixel precise about what you're snapping.

If you click the mouse button then you'll see a box which you can then resize to whatever you want (similar to Opera).

A toolbar will then show which has more options to add text/lines etc, and the options to save. (see image 1)

Also it can automatically select any window or part of a window on any program, which is shown by a blue outline. (see images 2 & 3)

As far as settings, there are none (so a little curious as to what settings you're referring to). Saving is done after you select the snapshot area - to either clipboard, maxnote or a file to any folder you choose.

I don't agree that Opera's is better. Maybe it's a little easier for the uninitiated given it automatically shows the snapshot area, but in terms of functionality it falls way short. Had you clicked the mouse button at any point during your "travels around the screen", i'm sure you would have figured it all out.

In my quick testing, the only thing Opera does better is that it allows you to scroll down a page and snap an image. MX's version will only allow you to snap what's shown on the screen. But that can be worked around by using the snap page option and then using your favourite image editor to edit what you want if required.

For me, MX snapscreen is infinitely better than the Opera version, and in many cases also the built-in Windows snipping tool. This means I don't need a third party snapshot option. If I was solely using Opera that wouldn't be the case.





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Hey, I got it to work. I was clicking away before at the little box, but nothing usable appeared. I finally got it to do so.

The "settings" I mentioned appears if I right-click the little icon at the top right. A drop-down appears where you see Details, Settings, Hide, Disable, Remove and Extension Manager. Only Hide, Disable and Extension Manager are not grayed out.

 No matter, however, because I have it figured out. Works fairly well, but the one on Opera is best I've ever seen. Effortless.

Keep up the good work. Thanks.

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17 hours ago, MichaelD said:

 No matter, however, because I have it figured out. Works fairly well, but the one on Opera is best I've ever seen. Effortless.

You should not have used the window snapscreen much :)

Not only does it capture anything in the browser, but in "any" application that you have open in your operating system.

Un Saludo

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