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Sluggish/slow in long Facebook pages?

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I've noticed that when scrolling down on Facebook (and maybe other sites), as the page loads more and more content the browser becomes sluggish and slow.
Now I assume this happens with all browsers as more and more content is loaded - but Maxthon seems to become slow rather quickly - 2 or 3 scrolls down the page and loading of older Facebook posts makes it very sluggish.

In fact, I have to shut down the specific process/tab because it keeps being sluggish even if I change to a different web page. Once a tab gets encumbered - the only way I found is to close that tab, otherwise the browser becomes slow.

Anyone else experiences this?
Is is equivalent to other browsers?

I am using the latest version, but it happened in older versions as well.
I am only using ABP extension in Facebook (I haven't added more than 3 or 4 specific block rules for Facebook)

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