We need MX Nitro Updated!


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18 hours ago, TheMarshall3052 said:

Does anybody at maxthon even car about mx nitro? it was one of my favorite browsers, and I liked it much more than MX4 and maybe even MX5. We need MX Nitro to return!

They know it and want to make Nitro 2.0 with Chrome extensions.
I don't think that Chrome extensions is what we need in Nitro. We need UserJS and fixed ABP.

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Do you mean a Maxthon, who finally works like a Chrome, Alex?


Nice, of course, would be an MX5, which works constantly with each new version also functioned correctly. Meanwhile, so much has accumulated with me, that I do not even criticize and wait, that another is doing.

for example, that the adblog does not work properly, and the image always bounces back and forth until everything is done, what should filter Adblog.

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