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So, I have been using, or attempting to use, MX5 for some time now, and have MX4 still

as my main alternate.  MX5 constantly hangs on startup and is super slow compared to 

MX4 last build.  I have no idea why this is the case and have not been able to find a solution,

including using different agents in settings.  This is quite frustrating.  I am using an older Dell

XPS 1330 with 8 GB RAM and Windows 10 latest build.

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I don't think it is an issue with either Win10 nor with your machine. Nor with M5 for that matter. 

How do you start M5, with last pages, new tab or home page? Did you do a clean install? Did you check that you are using IE proxy? Have you modified any folders of the installation?

When I have issues the first thing I do is try a clean installation. 

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Just to follow up on this -- I reinstalled, but then took the suggestion of checking what startup items

I have.  Instead of starting with my Yahoo page, which is very content heavy, I switched to just start

up with the favorites tile page, and this seems to have helped things a bit.  However, I continue to observe

the stark difference between MX5 and 4.9 when it comes to startup speed.

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