MX 5 Updating and Other Issues


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Hello to all -- I continue to be a faithful user of Maxthon, though in terms of speed

that was lost many versions ago in MX4.  But using MX5, am I the only one who has 

noticed that there is no auto-updating?  I have to go directly to the release page in 

Community to get the latest version -- the build-in updating feature has not worked for 

me in some time.  Also -- and this was answered by someone who said the latest MX5

version has fixed the issue -- I have been unable to use Gmail in other than HTML basic

both in MX5 and MX4.   Thanks....

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The auto-check-for-updates feature seems to work... kinda. It does notify you of a new version, at some point, usually long after the new version becomes available for download. So it is working, but not in time, which is quite important for an update feature.

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