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56 minutes ago, Ldfa said:

(merci) for this Hack. If someone develops a little script to extract data, I'm very interested. :evil:

Hey there.

It's not that hard to extract data in a more readable way. First, save the HTML page source in a new file, and name it the way you want, e.g, mypasskeeper.html

Then open this new file with a text editor (i like Notepad++, but it's your own choice) and make a massive replacement of all the strings <input type="password" class="originpwd" name="password" readonly value=" (they are the strings preceding each password value; be sure to include the last double quotes) with nothing.

Save the file after the replacement above and open it with Excel: you will see a block of cells with headers like "Title", "Account", "Password", "URL" and "Delete", the same in the Passkeeper table, followed by rows with your sites, userIds and passwords. Be careful that in each password there will be 2 more characters at the end, i.e. ">, that have to be removed to get the actual password

Finally, remove from the top and the bottom, all rows other than those related to your password table and re-save the "cleaned" html file.

Quick & dirty...

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