[v5.1.2.2000] Bug with History and Last Session lost!!! AGAIN


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I agree to lose history is pretty frustrating, especially when we confidently expect it to be moved over  when importing from MX4.

I have managed to keep mine as I use portable versions and still have my MX4 and its history intact. Must do some backups now though just in case.......

They seem to have messed up the usability of Favorites too as I can't find a Favorites manager or even a Search now. I might not have looked hard enough though. I am not sure what Notes Manager is and can't summon the enthusiasm to investigate it. 


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On 10/28/2017 at 1:13 AM, 7twenty said:

They're not linked. At least not in the sense that deleting "undo" deletes history or vice versa.

Well they should be. 

It's the exact same thing. You visit a website, and close it, so it should be in the undo list and the history list. 

Why should there be 2 history lists of websites I've visited... If I delete in one, I expect it to be deleted on the other.

Another annoyance is that sometimes I lose tabs (usually when MX restores after being closed/killed). Sometimes even locked ones. It also sometimes forgets about websites I've visited (not mentioned in history).

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