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Install/upgrade issue with 5.1.2.X branch


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I recently found some weird issue when I was trying to upgrade to 5.1.2.X branch, basically installer was reaching 64% and then just close itself without actually doing anything.

To try and fix it I completely uninstalled Maxthon and now it is very strange:

1. All versions, and When trying to install them, the installer show progress till 64% and then installer disappears. I checked in Program Files (x86) folder, Maxthon folder not even created there.

2. When trying to run installer as administrator, the installation runs fully and all folders created (even though for some odd reason maxthon got installed into C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\\, however getting error maxthon_install_error.PNG.

3. When trying to open Maxthon after installed as administrator I'm getting error maxthon_launch_error.png

4. I uninstalled it again and installed version (without being administrator). Install went fine and Maxthon works fine. However when I checked installation folder it was installed into C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\\ (even though on installation window I only provided path C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5)

5. When trying to upgrade this installation to 5.1.2.X branch again, it again runs to 64% and stops without doing any changes.


I think it started when I tried to install one of the first versions from 5.1.2.X branch. I think it was

Please help me fix this issue. Maybe something stuck in system registery ?



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With I was able to install, kinda.

Running installer was showing progress till 92% and then installer disappeared. No upgrade happened to my already installed

I uninstalled

Executed installer, same effect. Progress till 92% and disappear - Maxthon5 folder was created only in user/AppData/Roaming, nothing in Program Files (x86).

Then I executed installer as administrator and it got fully installed.

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