[v5.1.2.1000] MX5 PC Problem with Feed Reader


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Updating MX5 to some days before, i realized a problem with feed reader. After every feeds update, the feeder frozes and cpu usage goes from 1-2% to 25-58% 

Also if i click the refresh button the feeder frozes again. The only way to stop it is to close the tab and open it again, but the froze will come again in 1 minute. Until v5.1.2.200 everything (in feeder) was working ok. I use the portable versions and i thought if the problem came from the update, Then i tried with another clean portable version of with no extensions, no updated flash, only import my feed list but the problem is here again. Sometimes i hear music, (something like radio streaming) and i cant find where it comes from but it happened only 3 times.  I have 58 pages in my feeds list, I have cleaned browsing data (including cookies) many times, i have the latest pepflashplayer version 27.0.0130 and i use Win7 64bit. 



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