Sync and download videos not working []


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Have the YT videos ever been named properly? Last time i tried they were called "videoplayback.mp4".

Now i'm getting it showing as Youtube.mp4. Not sure why it's so hard to make the download file placeholder fill in with the the page title?

Also, the ones I tested showed up as 0 byte files and failed to download.

Don't use a passport so couldn't check sync

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3 hours ago, Wilser said:

is strange because I have performed several tests with clean installations on several computers and the same with the synchronization and the video download :(

I watched your video and now understand what your issue was and can confirm that despite renaming a second video it only saves the first video. Instead of having 2 vids, I actually only have a duplicate. Sorry my bad about stating there was no issue. Mea culpa!

Edit: Sync does seem to work however.

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