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I recently updated from MX4.9 to MX5 ( after hesitating for a long time and I am still trying to get used to the new feel.
Maxnote looks modern and clean from a design perspective, but it seems to be more focused on that and less on functionality and productivity, as far as my needs go :(.

There are 2 features, in particular, that I really miss in the old Favorites Manager that are breaking Maxnote for me.
PS: I did go though the Maxnote stickies, so I am sorry if I am missing something here.

(1) Moving files from one folder to another is extremely tedious, cumbersome and counterintuitive. Sorry, but I cannot begin to describe how much I dislike it.
I have to click "move to", then cycle through the whole Fav tree manually, and open folders -one by one- to get to the destination file, and then click "confirm".
I have to do this for every single bookmark, even if I want to move it to the folder right next to it!!
What ever happened to the "drag and drop" feature? Please tell me I can enable it from somewhere I missed.

(2) Maxnote layout includes 2 columns on the left (about 30% of the space together) and a Note window on the right (which occupies most of the layout).
Working with a lot of bookmarks, I really struggle to see the full folder/bookmark names in the tiny 2 columns.
While I find the Note window size needlessly large, the biggest problem is that I cannot find a way to expand the size of those 2 column. They seem to be fixed.
Being able to expand their size, or at least that of the 2nd column (the one with the subfolders and files) will help remedy this issue.

Btw, I've been using Maxthon as my only browser since its release around 10-15 years ago, so change is hard, and more importantly, any missing functionality really hurts. So, apologies if I seem blunt, but I hope that my feedback is taken into consideration.

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Hi Atavus

We are very grateful for your feedback on using experience. With your feedback we can improve our product.

(1) "drag' bookmarks from one folder to another. This feature has been removed on MX5. I have send your suggestion to our product manager and they will think about this issue.

(2)tiny 2 columns. Here I can drag the frame to extend the bookmark size.

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@BugSir ... ty for the reply.
I really hope they re-implement 'drag and drop' of folders in Maxnote. Maxthon's power is in its 'drag and drop' feature as far as I am concerned, so it is really weird that they would remove it from the one place that requires it the most in order to facilitate and streamline management of long lists of bookmarks and records.

>> Btw I tried and I still cannot resize the 2 columns. Can you please elaborate?


@Chantao ... I only get the "select all" boxes AFTER I finish a "move to" command. Is there a way to get that from the start?

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2 hours ago, Atavus said:

I only get the "select all" boxes AFTER I finish a "move to" command. Is there a way to get that from the start?

Select the edit box at the top, you will then get the check boxes. Then you can move/mark as/delete from the right pane.

You can also use ctrl+click to select multiple entries as well. Then right click to select from the same options in the context menu.


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I was talking about Maxnote. Yeah, as per your first pic, that cannot be resized.
I guess I will use Maxnote Sidebar for now.

I hope they implement 'Drag and Drop' and column 'Resize' features in Maxthon proper.
That would be perfect.

Anyway, thanks for your replies gents.

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