Twitch freezes if not staying on tab

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There is problem with twitch player. It freezes if you open a new tab and stay in it, leaving the tab with the twitch to work in the background. I came across this problem somewhere for three beta versions before the current. I've tried delete  bettertwitch, but this didnt help.

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The behavior is the same in 3 browsers that I have tried, the mini player does not stay in view.

If I use video float bar, it seems to work as you intend. Is this what you are referring to? If so verify that you have pinned player to always show.

@ Devs   video is not frozen when using MxSnap and thus can't be written on with tools.




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so when you got a trouble and you try to fix it, it's fine to tell people about what you've done

there are plenty of mages in this forum but with no powers; it's a funny name made-up by some comics fan.

anyway HTML5 player works fine on my computer with win10 pro; but the mini player doesn't. With MX or opera vid don't load; with edge i got a black screen.

My AV warns me about non secure connections and stopped them but it's not related to this issue

i tried various tricks about flash and java; tried to explore the webpage code; but it leads to nothing 

Now i know that i will use html5 player and forget about the mini player. that makes my day

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