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Suggestion about MX5 mobile version


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For MX5 mobile version (I only tested for Android), currently URLs opened from other apps will be added to MX5's main tab stack. As you can see below.


So what happens now is as shown below, which you will find quite inconvenient.

if (there's no tabs open in MX5) {
    you will have to tap 'back' twice to go back to previous app (since MX5 home tab is opened by default)
} else {
    if (there's no important tab in MX5 that you want to keep) {
        continuously tap 'back' until you go back to previous app
    } else {
        tap 'back' to close the tab opened just now, then tap 'recent' to find and go to previous app

My suggestion

I just confirmed that Chrome Android version is not using it's main Activity to open URLs, so you can always tap 'back' once to go back to previous app.

I'm not familiar with iOS but for Android I think you guys can handle URL Intents (I think it's an Intent) in a separate Activity. I believe you guys have already wrote your own WebView, it won't take too much work to give a stand-alone WebView Activity for MX5.


I think that's all, thanks!

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