Getting Online history data back into damaged about:history--possible?

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I just had a Maxthon crash due to a power outage from lightning shutting down my computer. Upon rebooting and bringing up Maxthon I got the message '"History"Database is destroyed, rebuild it?" Of course I clicked on "Yes".

What I find is a pretty substantial recovery. However the most recent history is absent from the about:history page. It is found by clicking on the calendar dates of "maxthon online history" at There is also a gap, a period of history missing from both about:history and maxthon online history.

There is a checkmark for "Sync History" at about:history.

My experience with the history entries at maxthon online history is that they go away before long. Indeed, maxthon online history has no history for May. Is there anything I can do to get the history preserved in maxthon online history back into about:history where it rightfully belongs?

Also is there anything I can do to recover the history of that gap period I referred to?

I see the file History_Online.dat in the screenshot showing my Maxthon history files. I'm wondering if I could merge its data into another of those files to achieve my desired result.




Computer:      DELL Dimension 2400
CPU:           Intel Pentium 4-2667 (Northwood, D1)
               2666 MHz (20.00x133.3) @ 2658 MHz (20.00x132.9)
Motherboard:   DELL 0G1548
Chipset:       Intel 845GEV (Brookdale-GEV) + ICH4
Memory:        2048 MBytes @ 166 MHz, 2.5-3-3-7
               - 1024 MB PC3200 DDR-SDRAM - Kingston K
               - 1024 MB PC3200 DDR-SDRAM - Kingston K
Graphics:      Intel 82845G/GL/GV Graphics Controller [DELL]
               Intel i845G(L) Integrated, 64 MB 
Drive:         WL120GPA872, 117.2 GB, E-IDE (ATA-7)
Drive:         WDC WD2500JB-57GVC0, 244.2 GB, E-IDE (ATA-6)
Drive:         HGST HTS545050A7E380, 488.4 GB, Serial ATA 3Gb/s <-> USB
Drive:         SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW-252S, CD-R Writer
Sound:         Intel 82801DB(M) ICH4(-M) - AC'97 Audio Controller [A-1]
Sound:         Creative Technology SB Live! Series Audio Processor
Network:       RealTek Semiconductor RTL8139 PCI Fast Ethernet NIC [A/B/C]
Network:       Broadcom 4401 10/100 Integrated Controller
OS:            Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Build 2600
Antivirus:           Panda Antivirus Pro 17.0.1
Firewall:            Panda Antivirus Pro 17.0.1
Ad Blocker:          Ad Muncher, Adblock Plus
Default Browser:     Maxthon





6-15 Mathon history bad message.png

state of Maxthon history files.png

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I think you have brought this up in the past. As before, there's no way to merge information from the online to the local files. The data that is lost is lost.

Do a disc check of your HDD to confirm there is no physical issue causing the problem.

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3 hours ago, 7twenty said:

Do a disc check of your HDD to confirm there is no physical issue causing the problem.

Hard Disk Sentinel PRO, a reputable program, says all three of my drives are in 100% shape. I assume you are referring to chkdsk? I'll run it again soon.

I resorted to using the "Save as" option with the Maxthon online history pages, saving them as.mht pages. It preserved the live links.

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