[Android] Facebook mobile, new UI & ABP

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I've noticed that with every update of Mx on Android, Facebook Mobile (m.facebook.com) loses more and more functionality. At first there was a problem in messaging that did not let you upload files (the file choice pop-up would not appear). Then the on-screen keyboard started covering the message input field and would not allow to scroll any lower. With the most recent update the browser either refuses to load part of the content or just doesn't allow users to scroll as it seems to cut off a page, sometime in a middle of a post/comment.


Regarding the new UI - loving it. However, the ability to switch between mobile and desktop versions of websites seem to have been misplaced (or maybe I just haven't found it). Also, I'm using Mx on both my phone and tablet (both on Android 4.2.2) and while they're on the same version, Mx on phone still has the old UI. Is it based on the screen resolution or something? It would be nice to be able to choice the UI on mobile too, if it's so.


Regarding ad blocking, it seems that as ABP is becoming more and more obsolete with each day due to ads becoming "smarter", EasyList is getting less attention. While on desktop it's easy to remedy the situation by adding custom rules, Android version does not have such a luxury. Would it be possible to make the browser synchronize custom rules as well as to be shared between devices?

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