Mx continually refreshing or crashing

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3 hours ago, Magdalene said:

Mx (exe. and portable) continually crash, refresh or reload every 30 seconds or so. Exe version was clean install. Last session was also lost.

Very odd, have you tried guest mode? No extensions? And I'm sure that by clean install you removed personal data too?. M5.1.0.1400 has been flawless for me. Even extensions work. What OS?

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20 minutes ago, pantantrollo said:


In clean installation, in win 10. 1703.
Very unstable. With the same pages open that in version 5.04, is left thinking.
CPU consumption rather higher  (I have intel i3 5gt)

Please give us a link to try. I on the other hand have 6 videos running on M5.1 and relatively low cpu usage.6 VIDS.png

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