Browser brightness is low. ONLY on Maxthon browser

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Maxthon Browser v5.0.4.3000
os: windows 10

My browser started acting up, fb was freezing and I kept reloading but it didn't help. I closed the browser and reopened, it helped. then suddenly, the screen got dark. 

the brightness is low and is really bothersome. 

I opened up other browsers and they are fine, my computer is fine too. it's ONLY the Maxthon browser. NOTHING else. 

I tried reinstalling the browser, except that I didn't uninstall it before, in fear that my bookmarks will vanish even though they are linked to my account. 

so, any suggestions or help will be appreciated. thank you. 




EDIT: I figured it out. Night mode was turned on. 

Now I know that's one mode I'm definitely not using :p

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