Idle Maxthon using a lot of CPU cycles

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This is Mathon doing nothing, On Maxthon 4, the used CPU was about 0.4%


I suspect the cause to be the new Quick Access. If that's right, please include an option to return to the old version, thanks

Also, clicking on the little X on a QA icon should ask user for confirmation, before deleting it

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they are many threads about that, multiple process is part of new browsers, nothing to deal with.

so there is a difference between MX5 and 4; you always can use a guest account on mx5.

finally stay with MX4 if CPU usage is a killer point

clicking on the x or delete menu gives no warning ( supposing you do it for fun that is not a good thing ):

so on the other browsers it's the same unless there is a recycle bin

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But I am not bothered by the many processes
The problem here is the CPU is running (and the battery draining, and the fan spinning louder, ...) for absolutely no reason, as Maxthon is only open, without any page loaded in it

And am I the only one, that sometimes click some pixel to the right to where I want to (and deleting an icon withount any warning) ?

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