Bettertv problem with Maxthon

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Please, update browsers core to the latest version (weblit, right?) if possible, because, after update, bettertv stopped working correctly. Settings menu for bettertv looks like this. I've asked about this on bettertv discord and got this answer


/ Dullederbulle BTTV not loading/features missing/no settings is due to a javascript reverse compatability library that had to be removed to fix a serious bug with twitch's HTML 5 player.  Unfortunately, that means BTTV will no longer work with older or non-standard browsers that are not compliant with the latest javascript standards.  If you are using a common mainline browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari and those directly derived from current versions of those engines), you should upgrade to the latest version, and you should be fine.


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7 hours ago, roguelike said:

Very bad. Very often different sites complain that maxthon is outdated

True, but that's what you get for using MX for whatever other features that you may like.

MX isn't a chrome clone, so quickly updating to the latest core isn't as simple as it might be for other browsers. At least that's the way I understand it.

More often than not, most of these errors can be ignored without affecting usage, although that's not ideal for most users.

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