Unable or unknown way to change domain from uumail

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Hello there,

So I wanted to change the domain (randompart@<current>.uu.me) but I couldn't find it. I went to the Q&A and there stands I have to make a new UU.ME account, my thoughts are, oke fine I will do, but how do I log off from uumail ?

Is this a forgoten future, do I need a whole new maxthon account or am I blind ?



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8 hours ago, DeStilleGast said:

Later if it is posible to change the domain, must I delete the other account (if posible) or do I need to change that domain name again ?

Currently, UUMail doesn't support changing the domain or deleting the account.:(

However, if you really want this feature, any users can raise a vote here to speak up their need for people to vote. Our product manager will pay attention to the voting number and make decisions.


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