Stylish Problems-ish

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I am having an issue and I am not sure it is related to the extension "Stylish" or just to the browser in general.  I go to the site and when I load the page the install links say "Install with Stylish" for about 0.5 seconds and then switch to a different button, as if it thinks Stylish is no longer installed.  From that point on it is a dead link.  I have tried several styles on the page and none of them will download.  Could the new user agent be making the extensions act a little funky?  If so can someone port over a version of Stylish that works with MX5 v5.0.4.500? Perhaps I just have a setting wrong, but I don't think so...


PS In response to my uninstall error message of "I just reinstalled windows and now Maxthon keeps crashing and I don't know why but I'll get back to you" - I reinstalled again after rebooting and it has only crashed once so I don't know what that was about.  Win 7 Pro, still DLing SP1

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