Need help getting my old look back

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Hope someone can help!

I just switched from the Maxthon Cloud browser version 4 over to Maxthon5 because my version 4 began hanging and crashing.  Is there anyway to get my browser to look like it used to?  This new 5 thing looks so foreign and I caan't find anything!  AAAAGGGHHH!

Or-how can I go back to maxthon 4?

I just want my stuff to look and work the same as it used to. :( I tried system restore, but since I had uninstalled Max 4, I couldn't get it back.

I'm not tech savy so please be explicit.  Thank you

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Great that you got MX4 back again, but MX5 is still the current and future Maxthon version and I think that you should give it a better chance. But next time, don't uninstall MX4 or install MX5 over MX4. Just install MX5 into a new folder (named Maxthon 5 for example) and then you can use either one, though not at the same time. That way you can learn the various new items in MX5, learn to customize it to look like you want it to, but still use MX4 for your browsing until you feel comfortable with MX5. MX4 is no longer being updated so MX5 is the way to go for the future.

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