Maxthon Cloud Storage Space - 5GB - Madness

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This is really a madness: However, I currently ignored the insane many bookmarks to save in the browser. It is so: All we need is a qa. Everything else we cry, that we would need it: it accumulates in one day as much, which we do not need in the next week any more. Since the new function is remarkable: If I want to take something on the label tells me MX5 that I've ever done this once. But a cloud of 5 - 30 MB is really insane. Look what you get in a secure cloud (seen at Strato  1,90 € per month Facility
 10,-- Cloud 50GB) And at Maxthon you get it for free. :5884970a7da3a_1::100::Blow_Kiss_Emoji_42x42:

I have now tested the new Vivaldi for 2 days. He also has such a WOW, but he is also cumbersome. And you have a lot of duplicate records afterwards. He also has gestures, not a problem, but I always come back to Maxthon, because MX5 is simply much more handy. And with less, so only the one I really need it will work better with the MX5 Android. 



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