Hi. I'm a newbie here. Nice to meet you Maxers.


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Hi everyone. My name is 金傣越, you can call me Kam. I am an interpreter, translator (Thai, Vietnamese, English). I graduated on multimedia field about sound engineer n' movie effects. I am also a IT geek, Tai Kao (白傣族) culture helper. 


I have been using maxthon for over a year. First at all,  I had tried Maxthon 4, then I fell in love with it. And now I'm using Maxthon 5.

My work must stick with workstation, but when going out to work and discuss,  I need to work on-the-go with my smartphone,  I just found out Maxthon 5 works smoothly on my old device with low memory of ram. And of course, synchronizing bookmarks function is important to me, I just open the browser on my android phone and continue what I need to do. These points make me stick with Maxthon till now. 

Thank you for reading my boring story.

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Hi Kam, welcome joining the crew!

Your story is not boring at all! It is the story like this inspired us making Maxthon, and your feedback is the most valuable voice we are waiting and looking for. 

Really nice to hear that you use Maxthon both on your PC and mobile, and Maxthon aims to help people boost efficiency during work, the syncing feature across platforms, bookmarks, note taking, Passkeeper management. etc. are all created to serve this goal.

So happy to know you, and look forward to seeing you more often here!

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