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Why stop nitro development?

I am crazy like nitro
From the first edition of nitro released from the beginning has been followed to now, still did not forget this product.

1. It is strongly recommended that nitro is complementary to existing MX5 with minimal, high speed and low power consumption
2. Please support the crx extension.
3. Suggested that the nitro default only support travel account synchronization, filtering, intelligent fill in the form, notes and other major functions. The other to the plug-in management
4. If you do not develop the source can open up so that enthusiasts perfect.


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I like Nitro more than MX4, because MX4 was almost like MX3 with better sync. I don't know why they called it MX4. But Nitro was cool and Nitro really had a chance to compete with other browsers, because Nitro was simple, light and fast. And I know people who was ready to write guide how to add сustom lists for ABP in the last betas. Maxthon could just fix bugs with fonts. And I really don't understand why they did not do this.

By the way, I disagree that Nitro needs extensions, synchronization, etc. Nitro is simple and light browser and Nitro have to be simple. Just fix fonts, add normal ABP lists and something for user scripts and Nitro will be the best browser for geeks! 

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