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Unable to drag active Tab if it placed within Retracted Tabs

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  1. Add enough Tabs for "Retractes Tabs" dropdown list appearing. 
  2. Select a tab from dropdown list, you will see the Tab Item as last Tab on visible tabs area. 
  3. Catch and start to drag Tab over the visible tabs area - you will see that the dragged tab looks properly, its "preview" jumping to choosen position, so it loooks like it is ready to be dropped at needed position.
  4. Drop the tab at needed position and you will see that dropped Tab actually hasn't changed its position and its order in tabs bar.

Reproduced on,


I remember I reported similar bug a couple years ago when Mx4 only debuted. It's really sad situation - I see same bugs from Mx4 and many of them already reported by other users..

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